Tattoo Artist

Tank Maass


I was born and raised in the Greater Houston area.
With roughly 19 yrs of experience I started tattooing and piercing around 2004 In Waco TX, while working through many other professions from being an EMT to a Manufacturing Production Manager until 2013 when I decided to step away from everything else and start focusing on my passions and career as an artist.
I am comfortable with and welcome just about any art style, and I can pierce and install jewelry wherever you fancy.
I enjoy a challenge and love details but I get the most excitement from Black and Grey realism and anything with a Horror vibe or a dark and macabre aesthetic.
I truly enjoy working with my clients, getting in their head and seeing the joy that my art has brought to them.
The best reward is seeing true emotion when a client looks at their finished piece, and knowing that is what they wanted.